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Wilderness education for a sustainable development

The philosophy of the national park, the wilderness concept and the Natural Heritage Beech Forest are in the centre of the educational work of the national park. Specially trained rangers impart the respective knowledge. They want to stimulate enthusiasm for the national park’s philosophy, generate appreciation for the World Heritage Beech Forest as well as to provide an experience with and an emotional access to nature. The offer is based on the educational guidelines for a sustained development. Guided tours and excursions into the nascent wilderness and special offers for kindergarten and school parties are of considerable importance.

The project “Wald scout – wilderness expedition” is designed for young people who are able to undertake a 24-hour expedition as researchers. “Junior manager for nature conservation” includes discussions on the future trends in nature conservation. Guest students from all over Europe visit the national park in the scope of the Comenius project. Every pupil in Hesse is to visit the WildnisSchule in the BuchenHaus once during elementary school.

Extensive informative literature is available to all interested persons. The BuchenBlatt, official magazine of the national park, is published thrice a year. Special lectures are held in the National Park Authority’s office in the framework of the series “Lecture & Forum” on a regular basis. Special guided tours for “everyone interested” complete the offer.

The national park takes part in national events and trade fairs presenting information and travelling exhibitions.

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