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Protecting nature

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Protecting nature

Unique natural beech complex

National parks are gifts given to mankind. Protected rare nativeness or developing wilderness – conserved for our children.

The first national park in Hesse protects one of the last large beech forests in Central Europe which is neither dissected by roads nor settlements on a total surface area of 5,735 ha. Its Lazulo-Fagetum beech forests of the lower altitudinal zone are among the last ones in Central Europe as regards size, coherence and closeness to nature. They are characterized by an outstandingly high proportion of deadwood and remnants of primeval forest. Typical cohabitations of birds and bats as well as inhabitants of deadwood including primeval forest indicators are distinguishing features of the calm forest landscape – evidencing the international importance and qualification to be recognized as World Natural Heritage. Hardwoods and rocky slope forests, dry oak forests, streamside forests, firewitch-vegetated bedrocks, pure-water springs and creeks as well as wooded meadow valleys and remnants of rough pastures complete the extraordinary ensemble.

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