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Understanding nature

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Understanding nature

On the way to wilderness

Der Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is one of the last near-natural and coherent acidophilous beech forests of Western Central Europe. The uniqueness of its beech forest landscape is emphasised by lush hardwoods and rocky slope forests, dry forests of quaint oaks, bedrocks vegetated with the rare firewitch, the purest springs and natural creeks as well as wooded meadow valleys and remnants of rough pastures.

The almost complete existence of the forest-dwelling animals of Central Europe is owed to an extraordinary closeness to nature of the forests with a high proportion of deadwood and scattered remnants of primeval forest. Relics of the primeval forest among the deadwood beetle species, birds of the forest and forest bats, which are prevalent in part only in Europe, such as the red deer and wildcats verify the outstanding value of the national park with regard to the preservation of a European natural heritage. The national park offers space for natural development processes. Tomorrow’s wilderness emerges.

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